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Are you running an on-line business? Very well, if you do I’m convinced you have product pages right? But do you have customer reviews/comments/feedback for each of your product pages? If you do, then that’s wonderful!

This is accurately what you require if you have not done so already. So, allow me to help you realize the benefits of adding client reviews or comments. Very well, if you had your on the net store for some time now, you should have customer reviews which go with your product pages mainly because customer reviews MAY be considerably more beneficial for your business than you think, CONVERSION & SEO wise. The first fact would be products with reviews CONVERTS better.

Think for a second, aren’t you more prepared to buy anything if someone you knew said it was very good in the first place? Secondly, customer reviews and feedback provides likely prospects that persons DO buy your products and it’s SAFE to buy from you. Trust is a very motivating element in turning potential prospects to paying clients. Thirdly, occasionally consumers themselves can produce a considerably more convincing case in justifying why one should get the product and further gains that may come with it, which may not be stated in the product explanation.

Now let’s turn to its SEO benefits:

1) YOU GET MORE UNIQUE content for your product page! And you didn’t actually have to lift a finger. You get people who willingly provides you with content by explaining their experience with your product!

2) Your page will always be kept up to date often since you’ll get people giving you reviews any period of the day, week or month and it will keep on coming.

3) Consumers use words that you don’t, it’s quite simply them coming up with all the long-tail key terms that you sometimes couldn’t set up on your unique or missed. Almost everyone differs in the way they explain your product.

4) Client comments or feedback is always related to what’s on the page and that is also exceptional SEO smart. So what’s the best way to ask for opinions? Come up with a way to ask questions where their solution will be filled in search phrases in them.

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Learn how to make $2000 per week as an Internet Marketer. Join Our 100% FREE Internet Marketing Mini Course:

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