Find out the 8 Common Traits Of An Awesome Business Blogs Part 2

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Nobody likes to be welcomed with only a big block wall of text when they visit a blog. Human beings are visual. So time to spice up your websites with some pictures. See how all of your favorite web blogs or website have pretty pictures on them? That’s not a coincidence.

How you employ the use of images is likewise equally essential though. Use it to highlight a point or really bring something to attention from your post that you deem to be important for your readers. Use images with a sense of purpose.

Headline Formatting.

Your headline is the first and foremost thing people will see when it comes to your blog posts. To help convince them that the post is actually worth their time reading it, how you actually present your headline for your readers eyes is just as significant as approaching with a catchy one. Make sure it stands out from the rest of the post body by using most effective formatting. Such as adjusting its font size, style, and even color. Make it stand out in the page, yet not to the extent it overwhelms it.

Make It Fast.

Many people are impatient. No surprise there right? Today for the bad news. Your online visitors are a REALLY MORE impatient bunch. As a result if you have a slow loading page on your hands you better do some thing about it and quick. If they find that your blog loads too slow, they will very easily bail and head on to the next site and you may have very good lost a potential prospect. There are tons of ways to help measure and improve your internet site loading including free tools, tips and software which are freely obtainable over the World Wide Web.

Clean-Looking Sidebars.

Like various other sites, people tend to stuff every cool widget they can discover into their side bar. Their sidebars look like a huge mess which affects the entire image of the blog. What’s the best practice? Time intended for side-bar cleaning. If you have a sidebar, take a look at each and everything you have in the sidebar, and inquire yourself. Does it serve a genuine purpose or function? Is it really practical for your business? If it’s a no, then it’s time to remove it. Any net page may benefit from a small cleaning from time to time.

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Learn how to make $2000 per week as an Internet Marketer. Join Our 100% FREE Internet Marketing Mini Course:

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