Life Lessons Used In Marketing

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Our older generations legacy.

Our older generations gave us a legacy by teaching us valuable life lessons. Many people learn a lot from their parents and also grand parents. These lessons where wise because in most cases where obtained from experience. Most of us are not aware of the value of it, until the moment in life we needed that knowledge to solve real life problems. Base on these premises, we can do an analogy to digital marketing. A little analysis will tell us that our of life lessons can be applied to online marketing, in order to gain better results.


1) Share.

Sharing is a key factor nowadays in the online marketing business. It’s countless what you can share on the online marketing community. It doesn’t has to be a physical thing, in order to be considered valuable. Fact is that, nowadays people look for information over the internet, and they consider it very valuable. They look this information in form of information products which are very high demanded. Information help people solve real life problems. These information makes their life easier. The moment you share information with a huge amount of people, by the way of a product or service, you’re building a reputation as an expert in the field. People will visit your site regularly just to determine what is it that you offer and why is so good. They just want to solve a specific problem right away and there’s where your expertise plays a role by the way of sharing. You can share small pieces of content with your readers, which will be used to link those ideas to the paid solution you offer.

2) Never steal.

The moment you get into an online business and start doing research about what’s available in the niche you’re working in, you’ll notice that there’s a huge amount of free information available. You might be tempted to just take it and paste it in your website. This is a BIG NO NO! Stealing other people’s content is considered inappropriate in the online marketing community, not to mention in the eyes of search engines like Google. Search Engines will ban your site, if they notice you’re using other people’s content, and believe they will, they have special algorithms that scan the web regularly to search for duplicate content. Also put yourself in that position, imagine that you write excellent content and other persons steal it and you discover it, how will you will? What you can do is read other people’s content and use it as an inspiration to write your own. You can actually enhance the idea of the original write and create an even more piece of content.

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